Mionix 7,000 Best Gaming Mouse

The highly regarded all amazing Mionix 7,000, so for quick unboxing you are met by beautiful Mionix box of which the nail slides right out the mouse pops right out in all its glory. And it’s accompanied by a black quick start guide and warranty information also included is a really cool Mionix logo sticker they look pretty wicked on your PC case. This mouse immediately surprised me with its altar comfortable all-encompassing soft smooth rubber coating that gives you a good grip on its matte surface.


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It doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the mouse as the mouse weighs in at just 103 grams excluding the cable so the weight is quite close to the weight of a Razer Deathadder and many other popular FPS mouse. Although the nails felt a tad lighter in my hand while gaming and this could be due to the fact that I felt I had a better grip on the mouse so requires less energy for me to move them out side to side the dimensions of the mouse are 130 x 84 x 72 millimeters.





Making it a mid-sized mouse which is absolutely perfect for my normal size hand it felt a little lower in height than typical for midsize mouse. It feels perfect for my hand given all the groups that has for your fingers making it fun to move this mouth side to side left to right like you’re flying a stealth fighter plane it gives this feeling that you are in complete control the mouse and just fits like a glove and having high-quality armor. On switches are even more testament to the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into these mice it has seven programmable buttons total left click, right click DPI adjusters for will and two buttons above your thumb left and right click have a very definitive click.


The switches are a tad heavier if you use to a mouse that has really light switches but it’s really easy to click nonetheless and gives and in charge tactile feel while game scroll wheel is on the quieter end of the scroll wheel noise spectrum.


Has the right amount of resistance making scrolling through web pages precisely and quickly a breeze for the sensor it has the very popular 3310 that you can find in mice like the Sally FK2. This is considered one of the top three optical sensors on the market pretty much being flawless just like the 3360 or the 3989 so a quick rundown of the software that accompanies the name of 7,000.



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There’s a plethora of options and adjustments you can make including scrolls be double click. The acceleration pulling right angle snapping lifted since surface calibration and of course the DPI settings up to 7,000 personally I don’t see much function past 4,000 for 1080p and 1440p gaming I typically game at 1,700 DPI and feel that 1700 dots per inch requires not too much movement but also maintains accuracy this mouse.


It has RGB lighting I like the color shift option the best as a cycle through colors there’s something about this mouse that looks really professional even with the RGB lighting on color shift in other words I could see this mouse being used in an office environment. A lot of getting my save it has a lit up animal RGB logo might be a little too flashy for work environment and that’s something that’s really cool about the nail 7,000. Enjoy using this gaming mouse and try it on the best of mobile strike.




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