Few of Iphone Games That You have to Try

 CSR Racing 2 Cheats Works with IPhone and Android

Today we’re going to be showing you the best free games for the iphone 6 we’ve broken it down to the multiple different categories including the best free iPhone 6 racing games tower defense games multiplayer games and more these are all the best games you can get absolutely free to download right now on your iPhone 6 what’s up its hours map fine here your source for the best iphone games iphone apps and everything related to apple we’re gonna be showing you guys the best free games for the iphone 6 oh we’ve broken it down into multiple different categories and sections but also let us know what your favorite free iPhone games are in the comments section.


 CSR Racing 2 Cheats Works with IPhone and Android

All right let’s get started the first category we have is the best racing games for the iphone 6 the first racing game we have is beach buggy racing beach buggy racing is x vector unit the same people that brought us the amazing Riptide GP rush beach buggy racing definitely takes a lot of pages out of the mario kart style book by introducing a really fun and exciting basically mario kart experience as you can see people can use different power-ups against each other you’ve got shields you’ve got fireworks that you can send out overall it’s definitely a really fun light-hearted racing game as you can see you try to collect all these different power-ups which you can use against other people or used to power yourself up like these nitrous boost / also really fun light-hearted racing game that you can raise against your friends and race against the different multiplayer characters within the game there’s a lot of really great 3d inspired tracks as you can see here and overall it plays flawlessly on the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus because it is optimized for metal in high os8.


CSR Racing 2 Cheats Works with IPhone

The next racing game we have an asphalt 8 asphalt 8 is an amazing racing game that allows for hyper-realistic arcade-style racing as you can see here it looks amazing the graphics are flawless and they are also optimized for metal running on high os8 it is a great combination between the realistic racing feel but also the arcade racing as well as you can see it is in excellent racing style game for your iphone and i definitely recommend it for your iphone 6 or 6 plus.



The next racing game we have a csr racing csr racing is a really cool shifting style racing game for the iphone 6 and 6 plus the car the design of the car racing game is mainly surrounding the actual cars that you want to upgrade and the shifting involved while racing hillclimb is one of those classics that will just never get old it is a really fun game and it does work very well on the iphone 6 as you can see here basically the object of the game is to use a 2d style racing game where you can put on the gas and the brake in order to try and get your car to go as far as possible before you crash just like that there’s a lot of different upgrades that you can make to the car there’s a lot of different game modes that you can play it’s just a really fun light-hearted game. For your advantage check out this link http://3dsgameemulator.com/csr-racing-2-cheats-works-with-iphone-and-android/ for great tips.



Racing Team Manager is a different style of racing game as you can see you learn a little bit about what your cars are doing and then you can actually interact with your cars throughout the game like this as so so as you can see you’re actually interacting with your heart as you’re able to see everything going on – you’re more of the manager position as opposed to racing the whole time definitely an interesting additional take on the racing genre you can see like this you’re gonna be passing cars but then going back to the text view what you’re learning how all of your cars are doing overall it’s a great game and definitely worth the try.

The next category we have for the multiplayer strategy games that are available for free on the iphone 6 i’m sure you’re all familiar with clash of clans the very successful and popular strategy game that’s available for the iphone 6 iphone 6 plus and all iOS devices clash of clans is a really fun strategy game that involves building up your base in order to prevent attacks from different players well at the same time attacking multiple players in order to collect more resources which you can use to build your base overall is a very fun game and it keeps me coming back time after time.

The next game we have is plunder Pirates some the Pirates is optimized for the iphone 6 and 6 plus running with metal and as you can see here unlike some of the other strategy aeria games this game actually does have the ability to view it in 3d as opposed to just being able to see it from one set angle now this one’s a little different in that you’re creating an island which you’re going to be able to use pirate ships to attack different opponents and also go on the actual campaign map as well so we’re going to attack an opponent right now so as you can see we’ve got our different boats that we’re going to be able to deploy send out the different boats and they’re able to attack and try and plunder different peoples basis very similar to clash of clans however the game is very different and it also has a lot of really cool features including the ability to actually spin with a full 360 view.




The next game that we have is boom beach boom beach is a game that I avidly played when it first came out i still play here in then however right now and not playing as much however it is a very fun strategy game that allows you to play multiplayer style now it is a little bit different than some of the other games of this nature because of the fact that when you go into your multiplayer map you’re actually going to be playing against a combination of real people and also people who are NPCs and basically the whole story line that goes along with the map overall it is definitely an excellent game the fighting is pretty much the same to clash of clans and some of the others that you’ve seen except you do get to keep your characters if they don’t die.

last one that we have in this category is star wars commander Star Wars commander allows you to set up bases in either the Empire or Rebel Alliance and allows you to compete against different opponents definitely a really fun game and it’s got a cool star wars twist to the standard clash of clans style theme.



The next set of games we have our the addictive simple games that are taking the app store by storm recently the first game in this category we have is amazing thief amazing thief has you jumping onto all these different platforms you get a time it perfectly though because otherwise it’s game over that’s one of those big things with these addicting games these addicting simple games is all the different timing that you have to make it just so in order to win there’s obviously sponsored by and all that stuff but these are free applications and you get a little bit of fun out of them you can try and see you know I with the high score is and that’s how you play these games.

The next addicting game we have in the genre is the tower game Mike a chap as you can see the object of the game is to create the tower as high as possible they get smaller and smaller as you get higher and higher because when you go off to the side a little bit it will disappear and then once you missed a spot it is game over this who can forget the addictive nature 2048 the game where you have to swipe around the screen in order to perfectly line up all of your numbers and make sure that you can get to that coveted 2048 tile it’s definitely a very challenging and addicting game and definitely worth a try if you haven’t played already.

Another game that we have is circle the . where you have to figure out where you need to place all of these colored dots in order to circle the . that’s going around the screen if the dollar reaches the edge of the screen then it’s game over it’s a lot more challenging than you think.

The last game we have in this category is piano tiles as you can see you’re trying to avoid tapping the white spaces and only tapping the black spaces I like the piano version a little bit better than some of the other ones because this one actually allows you to listen to some pianos playing while you’re doing it oh and then once you are you lose it will set your score and then you can try and be your friend scores later on.





Mionix 7,000 Best Gaming Mouse

The highly regarded all amazing Mionix 7,000, so for quick unboxing you are met by beautiful Mionix box of which the nail slides right out the mouse pops right out in all its glory. And it’s accompanied by a black quick start guide and warranty information also included is a really cool Mionix logo sticker they look pretty wicked on your PC case. This mouse immediately surprised me with its altar comfortable all-encompassing soft smooth rubber coating that gives you a good grip on its matte surface.


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It doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the mouse as the mouse weighs in at just 103 grams excluding the cable so the weight is quite close to the weight of a Razer Deathadder and many other popular FPS mouse. Although the nails felt a tad lighter in my hand while gaming and this could be due to the fact that I felt I had a better grip on the mouse so requires less energy for me to move them out side to side the dimensions of the mouse are 130 x 84 x 72 millimeters.





Making it a mid-sized mouse which is absolutely perfect for my normal size hand it felt a little lower in height than typical for midsize mouse. It feels perfect for my hand given all the groups that has for your fingers making it fun to move this mouth side to side left to right like you’re flying a stealth fighter plane it gives this feeling that you are in complete control the mouse and just fits like a glove and having high-quality armor. On switches are even more testament to the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into these mice it has seven programmable buttons total left click, right click DPI adjusters for will and two buttons above your thumb left and right click have a very definitive click.


The switches are a tad heavier if you use to a mouse that has really light switches but it’s really easy to click nonetheless and gives and in charge tactile feel while game scroll wheel is on the quieter end of the scroll wheel noise spectrum.


Has the right amount of resistance making scrolling through web pages precisely and quickly a breeze for the sensor it has the very popular 3310 that you can find in mice like the Sally FK2. This is considered one of the top three optical sensors on the market pretty much being flawless just like the 3360 or the 3989 so a quick rundown of the software that accompanies the name of 7,000.



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There’s a plethora of options and adjustments you can make including scrolls be double click. The acceleration pulling right angle snapping lifted since surface calibration and of course the DPI settings up to 7,000 personally I don’t see much function past 4,000 for 1080p and 1440p gaming I typically game at 1,700 DPI and feel that 1700 dots per inch requires not too much movement but also maintains accuracy this mouse.


It has RGB lighting I like the color shift option the best as a cycle through colors there’s something about this mouse that looks really professional even with the RGB lighting on color shift in other words I could see this mouse being used in an office environment. A lot of getting my save it has a lit up animal RGB logo might be a little too flashy for work environment and that’s something that’s really cool about the nail 7,000. Enjoy using this gaming mouse and try it on the best of mobile strike.